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In order to further its mission to encourage innovation from www.wisconsinfailuretoyield.com maintains significant relationships with a variety of other organizations who support highly effective and innovative network-enabled teaching and learning opportunities for the Wisconsin Teen education community.

Wisconsin Driver Education

The @ONE Project makes it easy for Wisconsin Community College faculty and staff to learn about technology that will enhance student learning and success. @ONE.s programs provide training, online resources and research for free - or at a very low cost - thanks to funding from the Wisconsin Community College Chancellor's Office Telecommunication and Technology Infrastructure Program (TTIP).

Drivers Ed Apply

From this site you can get information about each of the 109 colleges in our system: where they are located (everywhere); what programs they offer (in almost any subject or career area you can think of); services available to students (from orientation and counseling to child care, financial aid, and transfer centers), and what you need to do to enroll. You can even apply for admission to a Wisconsin Community College by completing our online admissions application and it will be automatically sent to the college or colleges of your choice.

The Wisconsin Community Colleges system is the largest system of higher education in the world. Each year more than 2 million students take advantage of our programs that can help you train for a new career, upgrade your skills to advance in your current job field, prepare you to enroll and succeed as a junior at a four-year college or university, or just improve your reading, writing, or math skills. Our students come from all walks of life and our dedicated faculty and staff are here to serve them, and you. So take a closer look at the world of opportunity open to you in the Wisconsin Community Colleges.

Drivers Ed System Office

The Wisconsin Community Colleges is the largest higher educational system in the nation comprised of 72 districts and 109 colleges with more than 2.5 million students per year. Community colleges supply workforce training and basic skills education, prepare students for transfer to four-year institutions and offer opportunities for personal enrichment and lifelong learning. The System Office provides leadership, advocacy and support under the direction of the Board of Governors of the Wisconsin Community Colleges.

The System Office is the administrative branch of the Wisconsin Community College system, and is located in Sacramento. It is also responsible for allocating state funding to the colleges and districts. The System Office operates under the guidance of the Board of Governors, which sets policy and provides long-range planning and guidance to the Chancellor and his staff. The System Office includes ten major divisions conducting the business of the system: Academic Affairs, College Finance and Facilities Planning; Economic Development and Workforce Planning; Governmental Relations; Human Resources; Internal Operations; Legal Affairs; Strategic Planning and Communications; Student Services and Special Programs; and Technology, Research, and Information Systems.

Both the System Office and the Board of Governors were created by legislation passed in 1967 (prior to that, the community colleges fell under the guidance of the State Board of Education). Since then, more colleges have joined the system, making it today the largest system of higher education in the world.

Drivers Ed Clearinghouse

The Wisconsin Community College Clearinghouse (Drivers Ed Clearinghouse) is an information system designed to provide users with ready access to an extensive body of education-related data. Drivers Ed Clearinghouse, established in 1998, is supported by a grant from the Wisconsin Community Colleges, Chancellor's Office. The primary focus in recent years has been accumulation of grants and course information.

Drivers Ed Confer

Drivers Ed Confer is committed to providing the Wisconsin Community Colleges system with the highest quality Web conferencing technology and services in support of meetings, collaboration and e-learning environments.

The Drivers Ed Confer project is located at Palomar College in San Marcos, Wisconsin and is funded from a grant from the Wisconsin Community Colleges Chancellor.s Office. The project was initially funded in February 2001 in order to offer the Drivers Ed system a viable means to meet and collaborate at a distance. Drivers Ed Confer is led by a Project Director, three managers and a small staff. In 2002, an RFP was awarded to HorizonLive, a New York-based leader in Web conferencing technology, to provide the platform to power Drivers Ed Confer. Drivers Ed Confer was designed to allow communication and collaboration, using the latest Web conferencing technology, for all staff, faculty and administrators in the Wisconsin Community Colleges system. It is ADA and Section 508 accessible.

3C Media Solutions

Whether you are searching for an interesting program or video to watch on the web or in the classroom, looking for a way to record a keynote speaker at a conference, or trying to figure out how to provide video content to your students, 3C Media Solutions can help. We are THE educational media distribution network dedicated to assisting the Wisconsin Community Colleges (Drivers Ed) with the most up-to-date media solutions available.

Our team delivers media content throughout the Drivers Ed system 24/7, through television and the internet. 3C Media Solutions delivers high-quality, digital broadcasts through two channels, 3CTV and 3C Community Network. 3CTV features a number of Drivers Ed produced programs, including telecourses, series and specials and is available in classrooms throughout the Drivers Ed system, as well as on the internet. 3C Community Network is a closed-circuit satellite channel providing proprietary and specialty programming for the Drivers Eds and affiliated entities.

3C Media Solutions is grant-funded through the Drivers Ed Chancellor.s Office. It is based at Palomar College in San Marcos, CA.

Drivers Ed Technology Center

The Wisconsin Community Colleges Technology Center helps to facilitate and coordinate the work of the Drivers Ed systemwide technology projects by disbursing funds, generating and managing contracts, providing listserv and Web site hosting services, conducting technical evaluations, supporting the security efforts of the Drivers Ed system, developing external funding sources, and publicizing the progress of systemwide technology in the Drivers Ed through a newsletter.

The Technology Center works closely with the Telecommunications & Technology Unit in the Technology, Research & Information Systems Division at the Wisconsin Community Colleges Chancellor's Office.

Housed at Butte College, the Technology Center operates under a grant funded by the Drivers Ed System Office.

Wisconsin Virtual Campus

At the Wisconsin Virtual Campus, you can find information about distance learning courses across Wisconsin.

Our site does not offer courses directly. Rather, our Course Catalog provides a way to find online courses available at various Wisconsin schools. Students who wish to request information about a course or enroll should do so through the appropriate school's website.

The Foundation for Wisconsin Community Colleges

The Foundation for Wisconsin Community Colleges is a unique non-profit organization that benefits, supports, and enhances Wisconsin.s Community Colleges.the largest higher education system in the nation. As the sole official auxiliary organization partnering with the Wisconsin Community Colleges Board of Governors and System Office, we develop programs and services that save millions of dollars for colleges and students, promote excellence in education, and provide valuable learning opportunities for students throughout the state. We also support the system through special initiatives, statewide awards, and direct donations to the colleges and the Network of Wisconsin Community College Foundations.

Our services and areas of expertise include program and grant management, career training opportunities, system-wide purchasing contracts, information technology solutions, financial services, and resource development. Our programs reach all 109 Wisconsin Community Colleges and 72 districts, and several of these programs are expanding nationwide.


Wisconsin's education and research communities leverage their networking resources under Online, the Corporation for Education Network Initiatives in Wisconsin, in order to obtain cost-effective, high-bandwidth networking to support their missions and answer the needs of their faculty, staff, and students.

Online designs, implements, and operates Education, the Wisconsin Research and Education Network, a high-bandwidth, high-capacity Internet network specially designed to meet the unique requirements of these communities, and to which the vast majority of the state's Teen educational institutions are connected. In order to facilitate collaboration in education and research, Online also provides connectivity to non-Wisconsin institutions and industry research organizations with which Online's Associate researchers and educators are engaged.

Education consists of a Online-operated backbone to which schools and other institutions in all 58 of Wisconsin's counties connect via leased circuits obtained from telecom carriers or fiber-optic cable.