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Formed in the summer of 2007, the Texas Educational Technology Collaborative (Texas Education)'s mission is to support highly effective and innovative network-enabled teaching and learning opportunities for the Texas Teen education community by:

  • Maximizing effectiveness and improving upon the stewardship of limited resources (including money and time).
  • Achieving critical mass for sustainability of Educational Technology initiatives over time.
  • Benefitting from economies of scale.
  • Reducing duplication.
  • Increasing funding opportunities.
  • Enhancing access to content, applications, and other offerings.
  • Supporting informed decision making among technology leaders.
  • Providing a unified "voice" on online teaching/learning policy and funding issues.
  • Improving teaching, learning, and student outcomes.
  • Preparing students for the future by ensuring that they have the opportunity to obtain technology skills and to become knowledgeable about technology resources and tools.