The Texas Adult Driver Education Course consists of education leaders from across the state including the Adult Drivers community, higher education, and informal education partners such as libraries and community based organizations. The teen Texas Education Technology Collaborative's mission is to support highly effective, innovative, network-enabled teaching and learning opportunities.

This DMV Drivers Ed course can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection, which you can find pretty much every where now a days. There is no instructor so you can come and go as you please. You are the only one in charge and you get to decide when and for how long you study. This is a nice change from being in school where you always have teachers telling you what to do. This course is your ticket to the fast track of driving, so log on today and tomorrow you can be one step closer to sitting behind that wheel of the car.

The Teen Texas Education Technology Collaborative's immediate goals are:

  • To facilitate partnerships that create efficiencies, enhance effectiveness, or hold great promise for creating new discoveries that demonstrate effective, innovative, network enabled approaches to teaching and learning.
  • To facilitate ongoing exchange of information and resources within Teen communities of practice to support the professional growth of faculty and staff and the successful matriculation of students from Adult through higher education.
  • To identify effective online teaching and learning methods, and promote best practices.
  • To advocate in support of policies and programs that advance online teaching/learning through use of collaborative approaches.
  • To seed new collaborative partnerships to a sustainable, funded, stand-alone state.

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